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"At night astronomers agree."

–Matthew Prior




Please check this page periodically for updated information on special topics and presentations as they become known.

Jan 4 - Virtual

Feb 1 – Virtual

Mar 7 – EIOLC and Virtual

Apr 4 – EIOLC and Virtual

May 2 – EIOLC and Virtual

Jun 6 – EIOLC and Virtual

Jul 11* – EIOLC and Virtual

Aug 1 – EIOLC and Virtual

Sep 5 – EIOLC and Virtual

Oct 3 – EIOLC and Virtual

Nov 7 – EIOLC and Virtual

Dec 5 – EIOLC and Virtual : Election of Officers and Annual Pot Luck dinner at the Learning Center

* Note: Meeting to be moved from July 4 to July 11 pending vote at the June meeting.


The CAA holds monthly business meetings starting at 7:00pm unless otherwise noted on the first Thursday of each month. Meeting will be virtual as well as live at the EIOLC. Zoom logon information is included in the monthly Prime Focus editions. The business meetings include presentations and discussions of a variety of astronomy related subject matter that is relevant to current and upcoming events as well as discussion of club operations and business topics. Visitors who may be intersested in joining are welcome to attend.

* Note: Meetings will be at the EIOLC at Palisades-Dows Observatory during warmer months or virtual using Zoom during winter weather if road conditions or the facility conditions prevent safe access to Palisades-Dows.


Map to Palisades-Dows Observatory

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From the Cedar Rapids metro area and points north of the Coralville Lake, Ivanhoe Road can be reached from Highway 27 (Interstate 380) and Highway 30. From points near Mt Vernon and south of the Coralville Lake, such as Iowa City, Ivanhoe Road can be reached from Highway 1. Directions to the observatory are indicated by brown State Park signs at the entrances to Ivanhoe Road and near the observatory's driveway at 1365 Ivanhoe Road.

Watch out for deer! The area around the observatory is heavily wooded and populated with wildlife.